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About AgroScience Business Group

Collaborating with other multinational companies, HKC introduced and developed wide ranges of agrochemical products, including insecticides, miticides, fungicides, herbicides and surfactants, to provide total crop protection solutions to secure food supply and enhance the quality of crops.


Solid product quality and professional service enable HKC to play a critical role in the competitive global market. With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China, along with overseas subsidiaries in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, HKC is able to build its core competency including quality products, strong supply chain management, professional technical support, and efficient distribution network.


HKC’s R&D professionals present the excellent performance in meticulous manner with state-of-the-art instruments. Demeter Laboratory, an in-house lab at HKC, is compliant to Good Laboratory Practice. It not only supports the R&D in the company, but also serves as a CRO for the crop protection industry.