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Founded in 1965, Huikwang Corp. (HKC) has devoted to provide high-performance solutions serving human concerns.


Green Revolution in 1960s promised to end starvation with solutions of growing more quality crop by the innovation of agrochemical, fertilizer, and breeding technology. The world population has grown by about four billion since the beginning of the Green Revolution. Without the Revolution, there would have been greater famine and malnutrition.



The Green Revolution also spread technologies that had already existed before, but had not been widely used outside industrialized nations. Through 1980s, as the Green Revolution transformed agriculture around the globe, world grain production increased by over 250%.

While the production increases fostered by the Green Revolution are credited with feeding billions of people, the progress of civilization and industrialization modernizing our life also addresses the social concerns of industrial pollution. Waste is considered one of the biggest problems that infect our environment. Governmental agencies and scientists have been trying to find more efficient ways of utilizing available land and protecting nature resource.


HKC is proud to be part of the Green Revolution and contributes to protect the environment. HKC specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing effective products through agrosciences and environmental technologies to serve the needs worldwide. As an industry leader, we have set high standards for research, product development and environmental stewardship. Not only do our products and services exceed the expectations of our customers, but they also bring humans a quality life.